Stamping Technology for round parts

Due to its efficiency and the beneficial characteristics for workholding the LANG stamping technology still is the benchmark when it comes to processing raw parts in 5-axis machining.

With the Makro•4Grip Clamping System there are completely new possibilities and applications for the stamping technology. By retrofitting the Makro•Grip®stamping unit and LANG centring vices the form-closure clamping technology can be applied for round parts now easily and cost efficiently.

The Makro•4Grip system consists of universal stamping jaws including stamping inserts for individual positioning as well as matching clamping jaws for all sizes of LANG centring vices. The clamping jaws are available as a separate set of jaws for all 77 and 125 vices.

The jaws grip the pre-stamped part in four indentations at a clamping height of just 3 mm and therefore realise the same form-closure clamping principle as for the well-proven system for prismatic parts. Makro•4Grip covers a clamping range of
Ø 36 mm to Ø 300 mm and so provides a seamless transition from the Preci-Point Collet Chuck.



  • Stamping jaws can be retrofitted onto existing stamping unit
  • Gripping jaws can be fitted onto existing Makro Grip vices
  • Can grip up to 150mmØ on a Makro Grip 77 vice
  • Can grip up to 300mmØ on a Makro Grip 125 vice

MakroGrip 77…

The MakroGrip 77 vices can calmp between 36-150mmØ

Makro Grip 125…

The MakroGrip 125 vices can clamp between 81-300mmØ