About LANG Technik UK

LANG Technik UK has been established to provide sales and application support for new and existing customers of the market leading 5 Axis Workholding and Automation systems.

Our goal is to increase customer productivity by perfecting manufacturing processes. We offer a complete and proven package of Workholding, Zero Point clamping and Automation for machine tools. Our Pre-Stamping technology is considered a ‘benchmark’ in workholding making our ‘all in one’ solution truly unique.

All of our products are beneficial to machining processes which maximise manufacturing capacity. Simple operation and great versitility make the daily work of our customers easy and maximise their profits.

While our Automation systems are a distinct feature in many production facilities, it is primarily the items that are inside the machine tool which often make the biggest difference.

Our influence may not always be immediately apparent but wherever parts are being clamped and milled at the highest level, we are there, contributing to a more efficient manufacturing process.

Companies of all sizes and from a vast range of industries trust our experience. We share our knowlege with machining companies and help them maximise their manufacturing potential.

Registered Address

Lang Technik UK
124 City Road

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T: 01296 796576
E: sales@lang-technik.co.uk

Company Registration No: 12293529
Registered in England & Wales