Flexible, accurate and extremely durable

As an interface between the machine table and clamping device, Quick-Point is offered in an extremely wide range of variations. It lets you adapt to the changing needs of your business by reducuing setup times with a fast, accurate and repeatable system.

Offering round, rectangular or square plates, for single or multiple clamping, Quick-Point provides a solution for every machine table and application. It can be used in vertical and horizontal machining centres, on 3- and 5-axis tables and 4th axis rotary or trunnion systems. The attachment of the zero-point plate to the machine table or faceplate is done easily through prefabricated hole patterns for common t-slot distances, bore patterns and bolt circles or individual, customised mounting options.


  • Reduction of Setup Time
    High-precision exchange of clamping devices, fixtures and workpieces within seconds and repeatable within 0.005mm
  • Modularity
    Enormous variety of combinable zero-point plates, expandable at any time
  • Simplicity
    Mechanical clamping with a single lead screw or quick release handle

Into your part…

This component was clamped by inserting 4 Quick Point studs into the bottom of the workpiece.

This allows maxium access for machining and clamps the part securely without the need for any additional workholding.

Fixture work…

Adding 4 Quick Point studs into the bottom of fixtures allows our customers to securely clamp 2nd Op work or odd shapes without the need to clock parts in.

The same datum is used from the 1st Op allowing for extremely fast changeovers