Stamping Technology

Makro•Grip® The Original

The original form-closure technology providing highest holding power for 5-face machining worldwide

The Stamping Technology, also called pre-stamping, is a technology specifically developed by LANG where the workpiece is stamped outside of the machine tool with up to 20 tons of pressure before being clamped in the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice.

Components which require high holding power but are also suceptible to deformation can be seculely clamped by using the stamping process. The Makro Grip vices also offer unrivalled tool accessibility for full 5 face machining operations.

The pre-stamping process elieviates the need for your vice to exert unneccesary pressure on the workpiece which in turn means that your tool does not fight against the clamping force of the vice. This results in vastly improved surface finishes and part tolerances. 

Stamping units are available for work benches and on a trolley. There are 2 sizes with clamping ranges up to 245mm and 355mm and with 2 different jaw types.

1. Standard Stamping jaws for material up to 35 HRC

2. High End Stamping jaws for material up to 45 HRC


  • The Original
    The benchmark of 5 axis workholding for the last 15 years
  • Offline Stamping
    Parts are prepared outside of the machine tool to reduce spindle downtime.
  • Unrivalled Holding Power
    Securely clamp materials up to 45HRC


The Lang Stamping Technology allows customers to overhang jobs with a maximum recommended dimension of 3 times the jaw width. 

This type of operation would usually lend itself to vibration but the Stamping process combined with Makro Grip vices overcomes this problem.  

Large work…

Even extremely large workpieces can be clamped with confidence on only 3mm of material. 

The Stamping Technology means that the part is clamped equally in every direction so customers can hit work hard from any face, reducing cycle times and extending tool life.