Flexible, accurate and extremely durable

Quick tower offers the perfect solution for your horizontal milling machines. Giving you the flexibility to index your workpiece through 90 degrees to offer seamless transition between machining operations.

All towers come completely machined to accept either 96mm, 52mm or combination Quick•Point plates giving our customers ultimate flexibility to adapt to their changing workload.

The connection of our Quick•Tower to the machine bed utilises our Quick•Point location so that removal and repositioning of the tower con be done in a matter of minutes.


  • Reduction of Setup Time
    High-precision exchange of clamping devices, fixtures and workpieces within seconds and repeatable within 0.005mm
  • Modularity
    Enormous variety of combinable zero-point plates, expandable at any time
  • Simplicity
    Mechanical clamping with a single lead screw or quick release handle