Raw Part Clamping

External pre-stamping enables a workpiece to be held reliably in the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice with low clamping pressure. Deformation and distortion of the material during clamping are therefore excluded and wear on the clamping device is reduced to a minimum. Its compact design and the use of form-closure technology make the 5-Axis Vice ideal for 5-side manufacturing.

New in 2018, 11 years after the initial introduction of the original 5-Axis Vice, are developments to our Makro-Grip product line. Interaction between the clamping jaws and the vice body has been significantly improved. Along with a fresh, new look, the vice body has a reworked spindle centre-piece and new chip outlet. Along with “Conventional Workholding” these optimisations apply to all types of vices.


One base, many clamping jaw options

  • Best accessibility and process reliability for 5-sided machining
  • Highest holding power at low actuation forces through form-closure clamping
  • Easly reproduction of clamping situation without using endstops
  • Great handling characteristics due to low weight
  • Integrated zero-point adaptation
  • Available in base width 77 mm (jaw width 46 and 77 mm) and 125 mm (jaw width 77 and 125 mm)

Minimal material…

Clamp on 3mm with confidence that your part is held securely. The small vices leave unrivalled tooling access so you can get into all the features of the component.

The Stamping Technology allow the tool to work in harmony with the workpiece so a clean finish can be achieved even with a part overhanging the jaws. 

One operation…

Parts which historically would have needed multiple machining operations can now be done in one using tagging methods. The Makr Grip vices allow the programmer to machine every feature on the part in one-hit leaving small tags to break the part our by hand leaving only a small de-burring operation to finish off.