Chip Fan


The Clean-Tec Chip Fan cleans the machine interior after machining processes, removing chips and coolant without the operator having to open the machine tool door. As a final step in the machining process, the fan is called up via the machine program and selected from the tool magazine. Its blades are opened and closed by controlling the speed of the machine tool spindle. The fans come in 3 sizes depending on space in your machine tool and the application. Spares kits for the blades and springs are also available. 

Machines with through spindle coolant can blast coolant through the Clean-Tec to wash the parts before spinning up the blades to dry off and clean the parts.

Clean-Tec is a must have for any automated processes in order to keep the component carousel clean from swarf and coolant.

Cleaning the parts in cycle also avoids the need for an operator to use an air gun which could potentially lead to a health and safety risk. With parts being cleaned inside the machine and with the doors closed, your machine shop can also stay clean and aviod any chips on expensive epoxy flooring.



  • Cleanliness
    No swarf or coolant outside of the machine tool.
  • Unmanned cleaning
    A must have for automated production but also reduced health and safety risk for manned operation.
  • Low cost
    Elieviates the need to use air guns which uses up expensive compressed air.


Machines with through spindle coolant can use the Clean-Tec to blast the part with coolant washing off any unwanted debris.

This can all be done inside the machine tool to keep your factory clean and swarf free. 

and Dry…

The 3 different fan sizes allow customers to choose the best solution for their machine and application. 

Operating speeds are printed onto the fan blades and the smalles fan can spin up to 12,000 RPM.