Quick Change Jaws


Quick changeover jaws have never been easier. The Avanti range of vices makes second operation workholding a simple and easy process using a dovetail and cam mechanism to changeover jaws in seconds.

The Avanti base jaws can also fit onto your exisiting Makro Grip vices enhancing the capability of our workholding system. Soft jaws can be purchased in steel or aluminium depending on the application and their simple design allow for an extremely competitive price.

Ask our sales team for more information on how the Avanti soft jaws system can save you time and money in your workshop.


  • Enormous set-up time savings thanks to quick jaw exchange system
  • High repeat accuracy of clamping set-ups due to patented jaw exchange system
  • Reasonable purchasing price of add-on jaws
  • Base jaws can be mounted to regular Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vices as well
  • Complete volume of add-on jaw can be used for profile clamping

Irregular Shapes…

Our Avanti soft jaws offer the perfect solution for 2nd operation machining.

The soft jaws can also be profiled to accept irregular shapes to enable machining of the 6th face on your workpiece. 

Round work…

The clamping of round components can be achieved by machining the profile into our soft jaws or smaller workpieces can be clamped in our Preci Point collet chucks. 

We also offer a 3 jaw chuck up to 160mm diameter which includes integral 96mm Quick Point studs.