RoboTrex 52 & RoboTrex 96

The RoboTrex 52 and RoboTrex 96 are automatic handling systems which operate the machining centre from an automation trolley. This also serves as a storage medium for the vices. Depending on the part size, the trolley can store up to 42 vices on a RoboTrex 52 and 16 vices on a RoboTrex 96. Both systems also offer the capability of using up to four trolleys, which means that the storage capacity can be increased to up to 168 vices.

The heart of our system is the patented vertical positioning of the vices: it ensures maximum space utilisation and guarantees best accessibility. The external pre-loading of the automation trolleys allows RoboTrex to be re-equipped within seconds. This ensures that there is no unnecessary downtime.

RoboTrex offers the perfect solution for existing machine tools with no services to the table as all of the clamping is done via the robot arm. The system arrives at your factory pre programmed so no user input is required. All the operator needs to do is load up the vices and press go. 


  • No programming required
    RoboTrex comes pre-programmed so there is no user input required to pick up different billet sizes.
  • More cost effective than pallet automation
    Other pallet automation systems still require workholding at extra cost whereas, RoboTrex pallet has integral workholding.
  • Benefits of low force clamping
    Our stamping and MakroGrip technology mean that customers can benefit from low deformation, high force clamping as there is no need for a hydraulic or pneumatic vice in the machine.


We can adapt our automation to the space in your factory. Loading through front or side window and putting the trolley entry point wherever it best suits your needs. 

Simple, easy…

RoboTrex automation will load whatever you put into the vice. This means that your operator does not need to program the robot at all. Load up the vices, roll the trolley into the automatic trolley entry system and press go.